Where does your zoosadism stem from?

Trauma. I was treated like an animal growing up (I will not be going into detail about that), I've had racist statements thrown my way when a big dog tried to mount me, and online predators have exposed me to bestiality porn. It was not a good time.

Do you sexually get off to hurting animals?

No. The -sadism part comes from my homicidal ideations. I talked it over with others, and they said that it would technically fall under zoosadism. It's not something I'm proud of, regardless. I adore animals and the urges hurt me terribly. I hate them and will often break down over them.

Do you own pets?

Yes. I own a cat. My species of attraction are dolphins, dinosaurs, boars, and alligators, so I'm not at risk of offense. I'm also in control of my homicidal urges. I suffer from them, but I do not act on them. I'm currently working on my dissociation with a specialized therapist. I have told her about my homicidal urges in hopes that once I'm ready to move on, she can help me find a therapist who'll be able to help me with that.

What do you use to cope?

I vent about it to friends/in support spaces online. I do not use fictional media to cope, as I fear that for this, it'll fuel my urges rather than properly help me. The closest I get is Pokeporn, which is closer to monsters than animals in how I view them.